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Suzanne Robers

It was very satisfying to complete the course without losing motivation. It was well structured, easy to follow with excellent practical advice.

Since embarking on the EditingĀ  & Proofreading course, my working life has dramatically changed from bank teller to self-employment as a freelance proofreader. I gained work on a trial basis at a local college proofreading the students' reports. There are over 800 students, each taking up to 6 subjects, so it was a mammoth task. It was very satisfying work, which I did on-line at the college. I also proofread the college magazine. This year the college has officially budgeted for my services, so as well as the other reports I will be proofing the prospectus. Thank you to all at The Writing School for opening up a new career path for me. At 57 years of age, I have learned we are never too old to take up new challenges.