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Listed below are some of the tutors currently working for our tutorial department within our correspondence and online schools. All are highly skilled, experienced and dedicated to helping you. They are based in many areas around Australia and prove our belief that distance is no barrier to learning!



Marcus has a long history and extensive experience in all aspects of hospitality and business management as a corporate manager of several properties. In 1986 he had a major health scare (his "Mack truck") with a prognosis of three months to live. This directed him (one could say with a large PUSH) into the natural health and therapy modalities. These include Swedish and remedial massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, pre- and post-sports relaxation, reiki, flower therapies and kinesiology.

Since 1986 he has spent most of his spare time studying and learning, and he is continuing to do so. He understands the need for relaxation and natural therapies, and the benefits - such as productivity, clearer mind, efficiency, happiness and better health - that come from these.

He currently works as a holistic massage therapist at Griffith University, Queensland, and also at Revive Complete Health, a clinic at the Gold Coast airport. He is a member of The Australian Association of Massage Therapists and also runs his own businesses: Working Towards Better Health and First Aid for Your Soul. Now a days he is also heavily involved with the Rotary Cub of Coolangatta-Tweed Heads, where he has been the community service director for the last two years. His main interests have been in assisting the local community needs, especially special-needs children, Careflight, Camp Quality and Rotary International's push to eradicate polio from the world by 2006.

He has a real passion for the natural therapy industry and believes this is a very exciting time to become involved, due to clinical medicine seeing the benefits, and becoming increasingly accepting, of all mind-body-spirit therapy. He looks forward to assisting you in this new path and congratulates you on your decision to undertake this course.  


A professional dressmaker by trade, Helen has 40 years' experience in the fashion design and dressmaking industry. Starting at the age of 16 as an apprentice dressmaker in a fashion boutique, in her earlier years she went on to work for leading Surfers Paradise designers Paula Stafford and Helene, and later for the House of Dower, as well as the Anthony Leigh Dower and Leanne Dower labels.

For many years Helen had her own business on the Gold Coast, doing cut, make and trim for leading design labels; these included Liz Clift, Van Go Go and St Raphael. She also has considerable experience in beading and making wedding dresses, and over the years many of her masterpieces have been showcased at the annual RAQ Awards.

John Kirkman - GARDENING

John Kirkman

John grew up close to the land on a farm in Zimbabwe, a fertile country with verdant natural environment. Following his parents' example, he learned about propagating plants and how to care for the land from an early age. The University of Cape Town (where John studied) taught a very green and sustainable approach in their architecture curriculum. John practiced as an architect after university and developed a way of working in harmony with the natural environment, studying and understanding the ecosystem of site before designing any interventions.

After moving to Australia, John worked for a development company in their design team, where they planned and built residential villages, community centres and sports facilities. These were all carefully landscaped, often using native plants. He now manages a small studio, offering integrated architecture and landscape design, with special areas of interest being conceptual design and how plants enhance the built environment through modifying the microclimate.

Whatever your goals in Garden Design & Landscaping are, John is more than welcome to help you in achieving them

Lynne Turner - INTERIOR DESIGN and DECORATIONLynne Turner

Lynne always felt destined to be involved in interior design; however, although she was accepted into East Sydney Technical College to study textile design, her parents initially convinced her to follow a "safe" secretarial career. Never the average secretary, she finally found a niche for her creative outlet as a production-secretary in television and live theatre.

After marrying and starting a family, helping out a friend led to part-time employment as an interior decorator's assistant. It was an exciting and stimulating experience, and inspired her to pursue her earlier interest in interior design. Hungry for knowledge and aware of the benefits of formal training, she started a home study course and has never looked back!

After many years in the industry and running her own business, Lynne has worked on commercial commissions such as hotels, banks, restaurants and recreational clubs, and in the homes of many clients including architects, draftsmen and project home companies. As a professional interior decorator she has also always been aware that the principles of Feng Shui embrace the basic fundamentals of interior design, in regard to using your instincts to create balance and harmony within the living environment. 

The study of Feng Shui introduced her to new concepts of how to arrange living space to achieve balance in health, body, mind and spirit in harmony with nature and the flow of life. The knowledge has enriched her both professionally and personally, and her clients have benefited because she is able to include some Feng Shui concepts in her consultation work as an interior decorator. Lynne has a keen appreciation of the theatre and the arts, and has travelled extensively. Her favourite areas of interior design involve fabric and colour, and she thoroughly enjoys helping her clients create a special environment that is right for their needs.

Julia Hebaiter - HOSPITALITY

Julia Hebaiter

Julia's 21 years' experience in the hospitality industry has been extensive and varied, and she owned and operated an award-winning restaurant in Melbourne for seven years. Throughout her time in an industry she is passionate about, she's worked both front and back-of-house in various roles, including management, waiting, cooking, staff training, event management, and organising and executing catering functions, both big and small. Being the scenes, she has managed all the business aspects - legal, marketing, finances, menu planning, staff recruitment, etc - that set the all-important foundations for any successful business. She has worked in food businesses ranging from cafés and bistros to silver service establishments - and everything in between. She has catered for parties, weddings, corporate functions, fashion shows, awards nights and other events.

Julia's extensive experience has given her all-round knowledge of cooking, catering, and the delights of sharing food with others. She grew up in an Italian family where food had huge social, cultural, and even healing, functions. She enjoys spending hours in her own kitchen, whipping up endless culinary delights for her family and friends.

Julia has two writing and editing diplomas. She has published a large folio of works. Many are food-related and some appear in renowned literary journals (Overland) and culinary publications (Slow Food Press). She is Senior Editor of two books: Tasting and Feasting Excellence, a 130-page dining guide endorsed by Stephanie Alexander (that's Julia, pictured above at the book launch); and Chef Michel Bonnet's food memoirs, a Million Meals/a Million Miles: Journey of a Masterchef. She also runs a freelance writing business specialising in creative food, travel and lifestyle writing and is in the process of completing her first food book.

Margot Irwin - CALLIGRAPHY

Margot Irwin was born in England and her background and training was as a teacher with the Cambridge Institute of Education. During this time she also took part in specialist art classes at the Liverpool College of Art. She immigrated to Australia in 1961 with her husband Jim, and this new country provided many business adventures, combined with the raising of her three children, before Margot resumed teaching once more.

A period in Canada as an exchange teacher brought her into contact with calligraphy. Once back in Australia, she began using this creative art in her classes in order to improve the presentation of children's art work and classroom displays. This did not go unnoticed and soon colleagues were requesting lessons within the school system. This was how Margot began her calligraphy teaching, which she enjoyed so much she was soon running several classes with TAFE (Queensland) and ACE (NSW).

This teaching necessitated more learning on Margot's part, and she attended many courses run by world-class calligraphers, including Thomas Ingmire, Sheila Waters, Donald Jackson, Mark van Stone and Denis Brown. She also spent time in England studying with Ann Hechle and Gaynor Goffe. Another recent workshop was with Peter Thornton in Canada. Margot also successfully completed the calligraphy correspondence course from Roehampton College in England in the early 1990s.

Margot was the president of the Lettering Arts Society of Queensland for two years, and served on the committee for a further four years before founding the Gold Coast Calligraphy Society Inc. in 1993. After running her own calligraphy studio for many years, she now teaches mainly through the Gold Coast group. She creates artistic books, hand-made paper, and enjoys the historical aspects of calligraphy such as illumination and heraldry. Her calligraphy and books have been exhibited in many shows and galleries around the country.

Jeff Toghill - WRITING   Jeff Toghill

Jeff is an award-winning author of over 65 books, as well as innumerable magazine and newspaper articles, radio and TV scripts in Australia and overseas. He is probably best known for his travel writing, which has commanded worldwide respect. The Writing School is proud to have Jeff and his wealth of writing knowledge and experience on board.



With a Masters degree in Education, plus a Master of Arts degree in Australian History, Michael currently has nineteen books to his credit. These mostly comprise English, plus modern and ancient history, texts that cater to the NSW high school curriculum. He also teaches part-time at Sydney University's Centre for Continuing Education in both Vietnamese and Middle-eastern history.

Michael has been with Lifestyle learning Direct for twenty years now and has tutored many students who have gone on to success in writing. He never fails to be impressed by the depth and extent ofMichael Pyne writing talent that exists here in Australia, and the amount that is yet to be discovered. His own experience with writing has convinced him that writing is a very personal process, providing a means of self exploration as well as a way of communication.

Michael is an avid traveller with a particular focus on Indo-China. He is also passionately interested in politics and enjoys the company of people with similar interests. His love of history complements his interest in politics and he likes to unravel the problems of the present, especially in Australia, by delving into their historical causes. History is his great passion in reading.


Steve Taylor - WRITING 

Steve Taylor 

When Steve went to school there was no consideration given to the possibility of anyone becoming a writer for a living He did have an interest in sports, however, and decided to embark on a journalism course at university with dreams of covering the cricket in the West Indies, the rugby in South Africa ...

Naturally, he had to choose some other subjects and he went for Creative Writing and Drama After leaving university he worked with several theatre companies, acting, writing and directing, as well as doing projects for screen and radio. Since then he's had over thirty books published, including works for kids, teens and adults, ranging from plays to teaching manuals. His plays have also been produced all around Australia by theatre companies and in schools and his poetry has appeared in numerous magazines and journals here and overseas.

Steve didn't ignore journalism, however, and carried on an involvement in that field for seventeen years, writing about the arts, real estate, news - practically just about every topic, actually. Over the years he's also taught both writing and drama for community organisations and a variety of educational institutions.


Tony Aldridge - WRITING Tony Aldridge

Tony Aldridge was born and raised in the city of Broken Hill in far western NSW, and he's always had a great appreciation of the artistic celebration of the outback in all its forms. At school his teachers emphasised the mythical qualities of the Australian pioneers, and his earliest interest in literature was derived from Lawson, Patterson and other celebrated writers of the nineteenth century such as Richardson and Boldrewood.

His first successful writing experiences were submissions to school magazines and uni newspapers. Since then he has written and co-authored a number of books and publications, with subjects as diverse as the challenges of youth, myths and legends, sport, and the difficulties of balancing sport and study at the elite level. He has also reviewed a number of books for publishing companies, tutored Higher School Certificate students in English and History, and has been a senior HSC examiner.

Tony also completed a Masters degree, which presented writing challenges of a different type, and he discovered it was good to focus on the discipline necessary to be successful in expressive, rather than poetic, writing modes. His experiences have convinced him that writing is a very personal process, providing a means of self-exploration as well as communication, and not simply an outcome. It should be enjoyable and fulfilling.

Rosemary Davies - GARDENING

Rosemary Davies

Rosemary Davies has impressive and diverse experience. Her background includes a number of years in agriculture, media and communications, and community education management. Through these events, she gained the practical skills and qualifications to launch into her own successful consultancy in design, communications, public relations and project management, which has been operating for over 20 years.

With a diverse range of clients from government, education and private business, her management work has covered community events, tourism and tour leading, environment and agriculture projects and promotions. This included a major business launch by the Prime Minister, with national and international dignitaries, as well as the development of books and publications, and agricultural, environmental and landscape project management, along with project management work for the renovation of several of her own homes.

Rosemary has always been an active member in community projects and events and has founded several highly successful community groups, (one just launching nationally) who hold regular community event and activities for fundraising in the wider community.

Petrina Jones



Petrina graduated from the Ella Bache School of Beauty Therapy in 1989 and, after a short stint behind the counter at David Jones, was employed by a large hair and beauty salon. The owners were very training orientated and held regular sessions for staff, which instilled in her the importance of ongoing education. In 1992 she opened my own salon - Facial Impressions - in Avalon on Sydney's northern beaches.

During her eleven years there she trained two apprentices and employed up to five therapists at a time. The business provided all aspects of beauty therapy, including specialised facial treatments (her favourite area), massage, acrylic and gel nails, makeup tuition, solarium and oxygen therapy. She also worked with many professional skincare ranges. In 1994 she also attained a Certificate of Aromatherapy at Nature Care College in Sydney.

Over the years her thoughts had constantly turned to the idea of sharing her knowledge and skills through lecturing in beauty therapy, and she enrolled in a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training in 2001. Upon completion, she gained work lecturing at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies. Since then she has taught all areas of beauty, from the business side to electrical equipment, sales to waxing, and electrolysis to manicures and pedicures.

Kay Stephen - EDITING & PROOFREADINGKay Stephen

Initially Kay worked predominantly in a customer service role in the finance sector for many years, so her path towards an editing and proofreading career wasn't really straightforward - but she has always been a stickler for accuracy and presentation.  When she took a break from full-time work to raise her children, she decided she wanted to work from home and commenced operating her own business. Building up clients took some time, but after a few months she had accumulated a return clientele of university students who supplied the 

After her children were grown and she had relocated to the Gold Coast, she spotted a job advertisement that sounded really interesting. Before she could say ‘I want to be an editor', she was thoroughly immersed in typing, editing and proofreading the correspondence and manuscripts of a well-known natural therapist and author. In conjunction with this, she began formal studies in editing and proofreading, and now manages her own editing, proofreading and typing business. The rewards of her career are many, and what keeps her happy doing what she does is the knowledge that she's helping authors produce the best material possible.bulk of her work.