Lifestyle Learning Direct

Student Resource Room

As a student of Lifestyle Learning Direct, you can gain access to the Student Resource Room. This room provides students with the following tools;

  • Student Chat Room - students can load in their details for other students to contact them, or contact another student in the same course/subject matter. Student will be able to converse with students from our affiliate schools as well as our own.
  • Online Library - useful for completing assignments (this has been supplied to us by ACS)
  • Resizing Tool - students will be able to resize images to use with their assignments.
  • Employment Seeking Noticeboard - students can add their details to the noticeboard where prospective employees are able to access and contact students (this of course does not guarantee a job but it helps in the process of searching for one).

To gain access to the Student Resource Room, you will need to receive a registration code from the school and if you are not an online student, you will also need to request a login and password. Simply contact Student Services by email - You will then need to access the Student Resource Room by clicking on the link on the ‘Students' page, and register as a user.