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Young Writers

Getting Started With Short Stories

Analysing the structure, audiences and tone of successful short stories, you will learn to craft entertaining and moving narratives. Developing strong characters and realistic dialogues will bring your stories to life.

Non-Fiction Writing

Understanding the process and styles of non-fiction writing you'll learn how to write a variety of articles, editorial and reports for mixed audiences to inform, persuade, entertain, describe, explain and narrate.

Develop Professional Skills

Constructing plot flow, creating a defined structure, perfecting difficult grammar, knowing rules of speech and other tricky layout rules will ensure your work will be presented professionally.

Finding Inspiration

Reading and reviewing others' works will help you identify the components of successful writing. Other strategies for success are shared including journal writing, brainstorming creative and study styles.

Getting Published

Learning how to present various styles including creative writing, narrative, dialogues, scripts and journalistic articles in a professional manner will help your work stand-out and increase your chances of becoming published.

Essay Writing

This challenging writing style is covered in-depth, from research to structure, tone, acknowledgements and presentation. This is a skill you can continue to use through university