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Article Writing

Market Research

You will learn how to understand and conduct market research in order to successfully submit articles for specific publications such as mass-market and trade magazines. This module will teach you how to become a market analyser when it comes to selling your work to national and overseas markets. An introduction is also given on the correct manuscript presentation needed to demonstrate your professionalism.

The Techniques of Market Research

Often it can be difficult to know where and how to undergo your market research. In this module we look at the different resources available to acquire information, including libraries, archives, books and newspaper clippings, Bureaus of Statistics and publicity departments.

Article Writing Genres

Many of the most interesting articles are written from personal knowledge and experiences. This module delves into the writing of autobiographical and biographical articles. It also explores the genres of travelogues, instruction manuals and general non-fiction.

Technical Aspects of Article Writing

We look at the basics of an article and its components, such as the use of excerpts and angles, spelling, vocabulary and the misuse of words. Further study is drawn on various markets and readerships, policies and requirements and appropriate characterisation in non-fiction writing.

Procedures of Article Writing

We teach you how to develop and harness your personal writing style, and how to revise your work. You look at the role journalism plays with this style of writing, as well as the techniques of interviewing, checking sources and creating that all-important lead for your article.