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Autobiographies, Biographies & Family Histories

Writing Life Stories - Getting Started

Learn the difference between biographies, autobiographies and family histories, and how to choose a winning subject and form. Be inspired to write compelling tales of human risk, passion, success and tragedy.

Uncovering Hidden Secrets

True stories are often the most unbelievable. Unearthing secret histories can reveal incredible legends of love and loss. Learn all the methods of research, how to get the best from your interviews and uncover the many other resources available at your fingertips.

Getting it Together

A great idea remains just that unless you learn how to structure and shape your writing. It's not a skill everyone is born with, but one we can teach you. Learn the professional's approach and tricks of the trade to turn your mish-mash of events into a captivating story.

Bringing it Alive

Adding spice and flavour turns a good story into a great one. Learn how to grab and hold attention with a series of proven techniques. Explore your creative ability with our structured and encouraging approach.

The Family

Personal and family stories can often be the hardest to tell correctly. Your detailed information will need focus in order to uncover the stories and characters, and bring history to life. Learn from the experts and make yours a riveting page-turner.