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We live in a fast-changing world where machines are learning to do jobs that were once done by people. At the same time, our occupations often require us to update our skills and many people constantly re-train to meet new challenges and opportunities.


Success in life results from the positive attitude of who you are and what you do. If you can make an accurate assessment of your talents and goals, while also being aware of your strengths and limitations, then you can assume your rightful place in life and take responsibility for it.


That is success!


So, what is Mind, Memory & Motivation all about, and how can it relate to your life and chances of future success?


Firstly, stop and ask yourself three questions:


  1. What do I most want out of life?
  2. How will I achieve my goals and attributes?
  3. What qualities do I need?


Do you know the answers? No? Then, read on.


Everyone has the power to succeed, and all you need is the key to unlock your hidden talents. For example, did you know your brain is potentially more powerful than the most up‑to‑date computer? However, most people don't use it to its full capacity! It is as if they were given a great house to live in - then they proceed to live in only one room!


So, are you stuck in a rut (or living in only one room) but you're unsure how to escape? Do you spend your evenings disinterestedly watching television or glancing through a newspaper, or feel you're wandering aimlessly through life? These are the sure signs of a grasshopper mind ... and wasted opportunities. Unless you can put some positive focus into your life, how can you ever hope to succeed?


Perhaps you are dealing with some of the following issues:


  • Fear of failure: if you don't have ambitions in life, you cannot succeed - but also you cannot fail! Many people avoid setting goals because they simply can't face the thought of not making the grade.
  • Lack of self-awareness: if you don't know what kind of person you are, then how can you know what you want out of life?
  • Ignorance about available opportunities.
  • Lack of self-confidence: although this can be the biggest barrier to success, it can easily be overcome.


So, are you willing to sit back and let life take you in whatever direction it chooses, or would you like to know how to gain confidence, set goals and gain the motivation you need to create the successful life you deserve?


This course can also assist your business, social or domestic life, by showing you how to store information on general topics that you read or hear about. As well, you'll be able to recall these facts and data quickly and easily when you need to, so you'll always be socially confident and have something to contribute to any conversation! Remember, memory gives you knowledge ... and knowledge gives you power!


Mind, Memory & Motivation can reduce mind‑wandering, as well as feelings of inferiority, failure and indecision. In their place, you can build strong, positive qualities like optimism, concentration, willpower and personal magnetism: characteristics you need, whatever your goals in life.


The course is self-paced and self-assessed, which means there are no deadlines and no assignments to submit, and the 12 modules contain quizzes, activities and self-marking exercises, all geared to improve your confidence and concentration, and help you track your knowledge and progress. It is available in three formats - regular mail correspondence, CD-ROM and online. Age makes no difference to its effectiveness, and whether you are 16 or 60, this course is all about a new start in life for you!


We invite you into the ranks of those who have already walked this journey! Remember, all you need are personal goals and a plan that can take you there!