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Novel Writing

Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy!

Many people dream of writing fiction for a living, but only an elite handful succeed. This isn't necessarily because everyone else lacks the talent, but because the majority of aspiring writers lack the essential knowledge needed to craft their work to a professional, publishable standard.

Poetry Writing

Revel in the beauty of poetic expression!

Interested in learning the skills of poetry writing? Composing poetry can be one of the most exciting and personally rewarding forms of creative writing, bringing immense pleasure to you and those who read or listen to your work.

Professional Editing & Proofreading Advanced


Professional Editing & Proofreading Advanced

Would you like to expand your editing and proofreading skills beyond the standard Australian and New Zealand editing and proofreading symbols and their applications?

Romantic Fiction

Immerse yourself into a world of passion and imagination!

Interested in learning the skills of romantic fiction writing? Turn your passionate imagination and love of the written word into an exciting new career or rewarding hobby. The Writing School's Romantic Fiction course will help get you started!


Discover the writing opportunities in TV, film and stage!

Interested in learning the skills of scriptwriting? Would you like to turn your love of plays and dialogue into an exciting new career or rewarding hobby writing for the big or small screen?

Short Story Writing

Immerse yourself into a world of fantasy and imagination!

Agatha Christie once said that a short story was "something that can be read in an hour and remembered for a lifetime." However, good short stories don't just emerge by luck.

Travel Writing

Love traveling and writing? Now you can make a career out of it!

Interested in learning the skills of travel writing? Want to discover how to travel the world and earn an income from your experiences? Turn your love of exploration and the written word into an exciting new career or rewarding hobby.

Writing for Children

Discover the satisfaction of writing for a younger audience!

Do you have a creative imagination that appeals to children? Want to learn how you can turn your dream of becoming a writer into a profitable career by becoming a children’s author?

Young Writers

Explore your hidden writing talents!

Interested in writing as a career? Or maybe you would like to improve your writing skills to further yourself at school or university? Whatever your goal, Lifestyle Learning Direct's Young Writers course can help get you started!