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Article Writing

Want to see your name in print?

Ever wanted to become a published writer? Learn the skills of article writing and turn your love of the written word into an exciting new career or rewarding hobby. The Writing School's Article Writing course will help get you started!

Autobiographies, Biographies & Family Histories

Discover the satisfaction of writing life stories!

Would like to record your life story? Or maybe you would like to learn the skills of biography writing to record someone else's? Whatever your goals, our Autobiographies, Biographies & Family Histories course can offer you the concrete advice and personal support to get you started.

Business Writing

Gain confidence in written communication!

Interested in developing your business writing skills? Or are you looking to make a strategic career advancement? Whatever your goal, our Business Writing course will give you the edge.

Comprehensive Writing

We can free the writer in you!

Interested in starting a writing career? Or maybe you would like to learn the skills of the writer for your own personal fulfilment? Whatever your goals, our Comprehensive Writing course can offer concrete advice and personal support to improve your work - be it writing for pleasure or profit.

Creative Writing I

We can free the writer in you!

Welcome to Creative Writing I! Whether you want to learn how to write saleable articles or riveting fiction, this course can show you how.

Creative Writing II

Advance your writing repertoire!

“Creative writing” is a term used to distinguish certain artistic types of writing from technical, professional or journalistic writing.

Crime, Mystery & Suspense

Fancy writing an "Underbelly"? Immerse yourself in the world of mystery and suspense!

Crime can pay! At least it can when you write a good publishable detective, mystery or crime story.  Have you witnessed in recent years the overwhelming number of television shows, motion pictures and novels dealing with crime?

Essential English Grammar

Communicate with confidence!

Clear communication is essential if you want to get ahead in life. Now, you can get the confidence you need in both your writing and communication skills with Lifestyle Learning Direct's Essential English Grammar course.

Historical Fiction

Immerse yourself in the past with historical writing!

Interested in learning the techniques of historical fiction? Combine your passion for writing and history, and start an exciting new career or rewarding hobby. The Writing School's Historical Fiction course will help get you started!


Discover the freedom and diversity of journalism!

General news from your local area is of interest to local press and radio, and can often be of interest to the wider circulating newspapers and magazines around the world – and with Lifestyle learning Direct’s Journalism course, you could be the one to provide it!