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Writing for Children

Discover the satisfaction of writing for a younger audience!

Do you have a creative imagination that appeals to children? Want to learn how you can turn your dream of becoming a writer into a profitable career by becoming a children’s author?

What a joy it is to write for children: a special skill in its own right. Children’s stories must appeal to young lively imaginations, while being easy to follow, but never condescending. The biggest difference between writing for children and writing for adults is that children are often the more critical audience. They are also avid readers, so there is a market in stories for children of all ages.

Different age groups call for different writing styles and construction, which you study as part of your course. You explore the delicate business of distilling ideas and experience into exciting stories for children. You also learn vocabulary and story construction for each age group, study the importance and skills of natural dialogue, learn how to hold children’s interest and how to make them identify with your storytelling.
Lifestyle Learning Direct’s Writing for Children course will improve your writing skills and teach you the fundamentals of writing for the younger audience. Throughout the five modules and eight assignments, you learn how to write for each specific target age group, and also how to ensure the book captures their imaginations and hearts. From finding ideas, creating credible characters and developing plots, to selecting a genre, presentation and getting published, we teach you all the skills you need to successfully achieve your writing ambition.

Key areas of learning - Writing for Children course

  • Getting started
  • Seeing with new perspective
  • Writing for pre-teenagers
  • Writing for the teenage market
  • Getting your writing published

Additional materials included in the Writing for Children - correspondence course

Specialised writing reference library!

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