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Technical Writing

Gain confidence in written communication!

Interested in developing your technical writing skills? Or are you looking to make a strategic career advancement? Whatever your goal, our Technical Writing course will give you the edge.

A surprising number of people and industries are involved in technical writing. The engineer, the marketing executive, the PR consultant and the freelance writer are some of the careers that use technical writing techniques.

Technical communication has become an integral part of a company's products and services. It also plays a major role in the training of workers, sales representatives and customers. Throughout the course you will study the skills needed to become a confident technical writer, and learn how to apply those skills in the business world - either as an extension of your existing skills or as a new career.

Lifestyle Learning Direct's Technical Writing course is focused on the range of writing skills required to get your message across quickly, easily and concisely. Plus, as your course is delivered by correspondence, there are no timetables to adhere to so your study can fit around your current lifestyle.

Key areas of learning - Technical Writing course

  • Technical communication
  • Understanding your audience
  • The purpose and scope of your message
  • Collecting and sorting information
  • Technical documentation
  • Preparing and presenting information
  • Overseas markets
  • Sending communications overseas
  • Office equipment


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