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Stress Management

Anxiety, tension, and mental and emotional strain are all common problems in today's society, and stress is our constant enemy. As life becomes more and more hectic, we work longer hours under greater time constraints, over global time zones and with less recreation time.

The imbalance between work and private life is a modern dilemma and the main causes of urban stress are controls, complexity, competition and computers. Often both parents must work to support their families, or one parent works enormous hours to allow the other to stay at home to care for the children. We are becoming increasingly sedentary, with little time allotted to exercise, playing sports and socialising with friends. When we do have time, we are often so stressed and exhausted from work that we simply do not have the energy to pursue hobbies and recreation.

However, with proper self awareness and management techniques, stress levels can be lowered, perceptions altered and responses improved. In this course we deal with physical problems related to stress, drugs, how to achieve easy living, developing self esteem, relaxation, diet and much more.

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