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Interested in learning the skills of scriptwriting? Would you like to turn your love of plays and dialogue into an exciting new career or rewarding hobby writing for the big or small screen? The craft of scriptwriting is what our course is all about, and once you understand the process and presentation techniques, the market will seem less daunting than you first thought.

Certainly there's money to be made, as well as glamour and fame to be found, but becoming a successful scriptwriter demands more than just straightforward writing skills – you must also develop the additional know-how to write for both visual and sound effect. Because it reflects the needs of today’s television, film, stage and radio markets, Lifestyle Learning Direct’s scriptwriting course provides you with these skills, along with industry insights and practical knowledge.

Your tutor will show you how to see your scripts from a producer's viewpoint, and how to formulate fundamental ideas and essential qualities that must be present in all work. You learn how to apply your new-found expertise to every type of television and film script, from comedies to soap operas through to the next big blockbuster.

Throughout the five modules and eight assignments, you learn the importance of timing, how to use silence for better effect, the dos and don’ts of building characters and dialogue, rewriting and polishing your work, as well as creating inspiring titles. From developing characters through action (rather than narrative) and writing effective dialogue, to formulating fundamental ideas and script presentation, we teach you the skills you need to successfully achieve your scriptwriting ambition. 

Key areas of learning - Scriptwriting course

  • Introduction to scriptwriting
  • Writing for radio
  • Writing for television
  • Telemovies, sitcoms, soaps and plays
  • Feature films

Additional materials included in the Scriptwriting - correspondence course

Specialised writing reference library!

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