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Professional Editing & Proofreading

Get paid to read books. Learn how!  You only need to look at the vast number of newspapers, magazines and books available today to understand why good editors and proofreaders are in great demand. On top of that, there are PR and advertising agencies, universities, schools and colleges, and law firms, to name but a few, that all require the services of editors and proofreaders.

During your course you will be shown the skills necessary for becoming an editor or proofreader, and also the various avenues for sourcing work. Your allocated tutor will help you achieve your goals by assessing and overseeing your progress. The Writing School's Professional Editing & Proofreading Course has all you need to get started. We'll help polish your grammar, punctuation and spelling, give you handy information sheets of proofreading marks, plus lots of exercises for you to practise your skills! We also cover business management, new technology, marketing yourself, and much more.

Plus, as your course is delivered by distance education, there are no timetables to adhere to, so your study can fit around your current lifestyle. If you wish to enter an industry that could provide you with either a full-time or part-time income, then this is the course for you.

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Key areas of learning - Professional Editing & Proofreading Course

  • Introduction to professional copy editing
  • Editing symbols and skills
  • An introduction to proofreading
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Punctuation and capitalisation
  • Setting up in business
  • How to sell your services
  • Implications of new technology
  • Electronic publishing
  • Other avenues for freelancers

Additional materials included in your Professional Editing & Proofreading correspondence course


Australian & New Zealand students also receive Wiley's Style manual - an invaluable reference title.

>Please note: The advertised price includes our time-limited 'Special Autumn Discount Voucher'  of $100.00 (original price of course was $1295.00).

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