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Revel in the beauty of poetic expression!

Interested in learning the skills of poetry writing? Composing poetry can be one of the most exciting and personally rewarding forms of creative writing, bringing immense pleasure to you and those who read or listen to your work. So, why not turn your passion for lyrics and verse into an exciting new career or rewarding hobby? Lifestyle Learning Direct’s poetry writing course will help get you started!

There is a wide scope within the poetry market – from local newspapers to mass market magazines. And with many specialist publishers advertising and promoting poets, poetry readings, festivals, awards and competitions, we have produced and designed a poetry writing course that aims to satisfy the demand.

This course teaches you about the different types of verse, imagery, poem forms and composition!
It takes the aspiring poet from the first spark of an idea to its final revision, and has been designed to invigorate all poets (novices and experienced alike) with the excitement of the craft.

Key areas of learning - Poetry

  • Introduction to poetry
  • Market research and presentation
  • The fundamentals of poetry
  • Elements of poetry
  • Completing your poems and being published

Additional materials included in the Poetry Writing course

Specialised poetry writing reference library!

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