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Spice up your sex life!

Would you like to regain some lost excitement in your love life? Or maybe you would like to learn some new techniques to enhance your relationship? Whatever your goal, our Love, Sex & Relationship course will answer all your questions, allow you to let go of your inhibitions, and help you communicate better as a couple.

Our Love, Sex and Relationships course, carefully developed by Australia's leading sexologist Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, is designed to help you work through every aspect of your relationship. More than just a quick fix for your bedroom woes, this course is a long-term answer which will give you the results you are looking for.

Working through the course will be like having your own sex therapy consultation, right in the privacy of your own home. Each module comprises a combination of readings, personal challenges, reflection papers, exercises and fun quizzes.

Lifestyle Learning Direct's Love, Sex & Relationships course guides you through all those bits and pieces - both naughty and nice - relating to sex and relationships. Each topic lets you uncover more about yourself and opens up new and exciting opportunities in the bedroom. Plus, as your course is delivered by correspondence, there are no timetables to adhere to so your study can fit around your current lifestyle.

So buckle up because your sex life is never going to be the same again - and nor should it. As they say ‘variety is the spice of life', and soon you'll learn just how spicy you like it!

Key areas of learning - Love, Sex & Relationships course

  • The importance of sex
  • The sensual body
  • Sexual response and libido
  • Sexual communication
  • Sexual techniques
  • Fantasy life
  • Sexperimenting
  • Love, jealousy and the emotional elements
  • Taking it home

Enrolment: You have two years to complete the course, receive assistance from our Student Services department and tuition from a professional within the field.

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