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Discover the freedom and diversity of journalism!

General news from your local area is of interest to local press and radio, and can often be of interest to the wider circulating newspapers and magazines around the world – and with Lifestyle learning Direct’s Journalism course, you could be the one to provide it!

Discover the variety and diversity that comes with being a freelance journalist Our course will teach you how to come up with ideas that sell. You'll receive professional guidance from an experienced tutor, on making money from articles, features and news items. You'll also learn tips on approaching editors, presenting your articles and how to source work. We also teach you about reporting, interviews, features, writing for radio and multimedia, and much more! So, get started today and acquire the skills and knowledge that could set you off on a new and exciting career!

Key areas of learning -Journalism

  • The basics - markets, beginning, body, ending and presentation
  • What is news?
  • Working as a freelance journalist
  • Finding a market
  • Reporting the news
  • Structuring news articles
  • Article writing - features
  • Article writing - interviews
  • Selling your work
  • Writing for radio and multimedia
  • Writing for television
  • Biography and autobiography
  • Writing for children
  • Bringing it all together

Additional materials included in the Journalism course

Specialised writing reference library!

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