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Crime, Mystery & Suspense

Fancy writing an "Underbelly"? Immerse yourself in the world of mystery and suspense!

Crime can pay! At least it can when you write a good publishable detective, mystery or crime story.  Have you witnessed in recent years the overwhelming number of television shows, motion pictures and novels dealing with crime? Have you noticed the number of fans who hungrily devour these stories the minute they are produce or published? The crime writer caters to the public’s fascination with the underbelly of society, those law-abiding citizens who are unfailingly fascinated by the darker side of life.

The field of crime is an exciting and mysterious writing genre and you will learn the general rules of thumb for creating your own “perfect crime”, from law enforcement procedures to criminal characteristics, the slang of the street to information on common weapons. We help you understand the foundations needed for effective crime writing, show you the fundamentals of researching and creating clever plots and how to gain ideas and inspiration. Also explained are the different crime categories, the varying roles the cast may play and the aspects needed for courtroom drama. Throughout the course you will learn how to research police reports, forensic techniques, crime scenes – and you will learn to think like a criminal!

There are a variety of techniques, tools and processes that can be used to develop a good story. You will be introduced to the concepts of timeframe, building climaxes, identifying and hiding clues, the value of sub-plots and the protagonist. Other essential elements include profiling the cast, dialogue, reading faces and viewpoints.

Explore the methodology behind the crime. How was it committed? Was it through drowning, shooting, stabbing or poisoning? How is the crime scene to be treated? What are the procedures of finding evidence? What are the motives behind the crime? Was it premeditated or the result of reckless action? We also explain common mistakes that are made when it comes to handling weapons, using plastic bags and firearms, etc.

Learn how to present believable characters and create an objective theme: the stepping stones needed to develop the plot and establish a personal and distinctive style. We look at the synopsis, title, listing your work with publishers and keeping records, and advise how to turn your first draft into a polished and professional piece of material.

Lifestyle Learning Direct’s Crime, Mystery & Suspense course aims to provide the skills to take you from the spark of an idea, though to polishing your final manuscript. So, for would-be writers of thrillers, action/adventure, suspense, mysteries, and everything in between – whether novel or script – this course is your vehicle for creating crime that is believable and entertaining.

Key areas of learning - Crime, Mystery & Suspense writing course

  • Introduction to crime, mystery and suspense writing
  • Researching and developing ideas
  • Putting the story together
  • Characters, plot and dialogue
  • Motives and crime scenes
  • Editing and polishing your work
  • The business of getting published

Additional materials included in the Crime, Mystery & Suspense - correspondence course

Specialised writing reference library!

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