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Creative Writing I

We can free the writer in you!

Welcome to Creative Writing I! Whether you want to learn how to write saleable articles or riveting fiction, this course can show you how. There are ten easy-to-follow modules with accompanying assignments, focusing on elements such as dialogue, characterisation, plotting, style, layout, research, structure, and punctuation, as well as lots of tips and hints to start you on your new writing career.

Not only do we show you how to write, but we also teach you how to market your material to give you the best possible chance of publication! Whether you wish to write for pleasure or profit, we provide the essential grounding to help you successfully achieve your writing ambition. This course is particularly good for students who are unclear about the areas of writing they would like to pursue.

Key areas of learning for Creative Writing I

  • Article writing
  • The right way to plot
  • More on articles writing
  • Essential fiction
  • Dialogue
  • The way to characterise
  • More on characterisation
  • Selling short stories
  • Writing the novel
  • Non-fiction writing
  • How to write for pleasure and profit

Additional materials included in the Creative Writing I - correspondence course

Specialised writing reference book!

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