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Article Writing

Want to see your name in print?

Ever wanted to become a published writer? Learn the skills of article writing and turn your love of the written word into an exciting new career or rewarding hobby. The Writing School's Article Writing course will help get you started!

It is a great thrill for writers to have their work accepted for publication, and the advantage of writing articles is you have the greatest chance of experiencing that thrill. This course teaches you how to channel your energies into obtaining the tools and learning the techniques required to write and sell freelance articles.

On completion of this course, your new-found knowledge could enable you to take your writing from hobby status to career opportunity, either full-time or part-time.

The Writing School's Article Writing course will teach you how to construct your article and develop your own style, how to adapt your style for different markets, and ways of shaping your material into saleable form. You will learn manuscript presentation and the best way to approach editors. Plus, as your course is delivered by correspondence, there are no timetables to adhere to so your study can fit around your current lifestyle.

Key areas of learning - Article Writing course

  • Introduction to travel writing, markets and research
  • Techniques of market research and article writing
  • Article writing genres - non-fiction, D-I-Y, biographies, travelogues and instruction manuals
  • Technical aspects of article writing
  • Procedures of article writing - including journalism, interviewing and writing for magazines

Additional materials included in the Writing Saleable Articles course

Specialised writing reference library!


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Delivery Options

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